About Us

Since launching our counseling and psychotherapy practice in 1981, we have believed access to mental healthcare is a key ingredient in well-being. Through our work, we realized that if we wanted to have a greater impact, we needed to provide resources to address the stressors that impact mental health like work, finances, family and beyond.
We expanded into the workplace as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider offering access to work/life resources, as well as counseling. In doing so, we observed that many of the issues that organizations and teams experienced revolved around interpersonal, relationships, leadership effectiveness, team development and workplace culture. This inspired us to build out our organizational consulting offering.
40 years later, we have a counseling and psychotherapy practice, a robust EAP offering and an organizational consulting group.
As we continue to grow, there is one question we are always asking ourselves.
How are we empowering people, teams and organizations to achieve well-being?