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Phyllis Greenbaum, LCSW

Office Locations:

  • Telehealth


  • Adults and Couples             

  • Aging Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief & Loss

  • Infertility/Adoption

  • Parenting

  • Work Place Stress

While life usually has its ups and downs, and everyone encounters difficult days, sometimes things become overwhelming and therefore it makes sense to seek counseling. It is helpful to run a distressing situation past a professional like me, not only to allow the opportunity for an evaluation, but also to hear oneself in the presence of an outside, objective person.


I have been successful with young adults, midlife and senior people. The kinds of issues may range but not be restricted to relationship concerns, employment dilemmas, parenting problems and grief associated with loss.

My style is to listen thoroughly, yet to interact with my clients. I think that your past may offer clues to understanding the current obstacles to happiness, but I do not dwell there. I like to think that a solid relationship between my client and myself is the key to progress.