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"Wanna Know What Your Therapist Really Thinks???"


  • believes you are ‘Insightful and Aware’ such that you knew it was time to ask for help.

  • sees your ‘Resiliency’ in action each time you show up for the appointment.

  • collaborates with you because they understand you are ‘Capable.’

  • knows you are ‘Courageous’ to tell your story to a total stranger.


  • believes in your ‘Thoughtfulness’ as you ponder their commentary and suggestions.

  • knows you are ‘Momentarily Derailed’, not ill, and will get back on track

  • focuses on your strengths, as you are ‘Stronger than you think.’

Maybe you’re already involved in a stretch of counseling and psychotherapy. You probably feel good that you took that first step to set it up and begin to get the help you need. Or, perhaps you are still considering this plan of action and just trying to decide. Either way, great. Keep working it!!

It will pay-off if you stay with it and commit to finding the right person.  Sometimes, it takes a while.  Trust your gut.  Remember that the relationship is the key predictor of success.  And don’t be afraid of asking for help in finding the right person.

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Originally published January 1, 2017


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