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  • Therapy in the time of COVID
    It has now been about a few months since COVID-19 disrupted our daily lives. With the implementation of social distancing, PPE and closed offices, counseling has been moved from the Read more
  • Your Secret is Safe With Me
    We all know the pain of sharing a secret with whom we hoped was a trusted listener, only to be violated when our secret is shared without our permission.  This Read more
  • The Art Of Apologizing
    You may be familiar with some common phrases used to apologize such as “Sorry, I apologize”, “My bad”, “Sorry if”, “My apologies”, or My mistake.” These phrases can be viewed Read more
  • Gratitude and Giving: 10 Self-Care Tips for the Holidays
    November is a month filled with opportunities to celebrate. It is also a time to focus on self-care before the holiday season gets any more intense. One way to tend Read more
  • Self-Compassion
    “To err is human.”  All human beings are imperfect.  We all have flaws and we all make mistakes.  No human being is exempt from this universal reality.  Because imperfection is Read more
  • Combating Anger And Anxiety On The Go
    Life can get stressful, anxiety can consume, and depression can overwhelm. Worries and stress can take over no matter if you’re at home, work, or even spending time with love Read more
  • How To Improve Your Work Life
    In addressing the purpose of life, Sigmund Freud famously said "Work and love, love and work - that's all there is."  So given this imperative, as adults it is important Read more
  • The Way To Be Happy and Healthy
    Generations of Harvard University researchers tracked the physical and emotional well being of hundreds of men from 1938 to 2014 . The researchers surveyed, interviewed, sampled blood and took brain scans Read more
  • Negotiations in Relationships
    I have many clients who come to me because of a "relationship problem". They say they need help communicating better. But oftentimes, it means is that they are having difficulties Read more
  • Response Versus Reaction
    More than 90% of human behavior is reactionary. Every day, people are faced with lots of things that require them to think, feel or act. In fact, all human behavior generally Read more
  • Addiction To Our Minds?
    It may sound a bit strange but we are addicted to our own minds; in particular, our very own thoughts and emotions. This requires further explanation so here we go. In India, Read more
  • "The Art of Silence Appreciation"
    It is nearly impossible to escape from noise, especially in the city.  Growing up in Chicago, there is constant background noise. I remember a trip to the open country as a Read more
  • "Is It Okay For Me to Get Help?"
    I have written about this a lot so it might not be new to many of you but I feel that we need to bring mental health out of the Read more
  • "7 Steps to Better Sleep"
    We must take care of our sleep habits just as we pay heed to healthy nutrition. Most of us are aware of feeling physically tired when we don’t get a Read more
  • "How We Grieve"
    “Most of what I am is what I’ve lost.”- from Animals Out of Paper, by Rajiv Joseph   It is a truism that we can’t go through life without loss; none of Read more
  • "Wanna Know What Your Therapist Really Thinks???"
    S/he: believes you are ‘Insightful and Aware’ such that you knew it was time to ask for help. sees your ‘Resiliency’ in action each time you show up for the appointment. collaborates with you because they understand Read more


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