Gay Lesbian Counseling

If you live in a large city like Chicago and are gay or lesbian, you may have some resources in your community to draw upon when you need help. But in some cases, the assistance you find from your gay and lesbian peers may not be enough to help you work through the issues that trouble you If you're feeling depressed, anxious, having difficulty finding or maintaining satisfying relationships, are making unhealthy choices or are struggling with acceptance, we at Perspectives Counseling and Psychotherapy Centers can help.

Our Chicago area counselors are trained and experienced in a variety of different fields, including gay and lesbian counseling. If you're struggling with coming out, we can help you prepare for the reactions of your family, co-workers and friends.

Compassionate Gay and Lesbian Counseling Services

If you live in Chicago, let us be a resource and a confidant to you during those confusing times when the world simply doesn't make sense. If you've been struggling with questions about being gay, a lesbian, or a bi-sexual, we can help you explore your thoughts on the issue in a safe counseling environment.

Each of our counselors has been practicing for at least 15 years. They know how to listen if you just need someone to talk to. If you're tired of trying to work out your issues on your own, let our understanding and empathic counselors help you. Make an appointment at one of our Chicago area centers in Oak Park, Oak Brook, Flossmoor or Evergreen Park. Call us today at (866) 296-5262 or fill out our online contact form.

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